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Apply for Aadhar Card Online

Aadhar card online application form to apply for aadhar card online with name and date of birth

If you want to apply for aadhar card, you should visit a local licensed aadhar enrolment center.  An appointment needs to be booked and you have to reach the center at the scheduled time. It can be taken online by visiting the UIDAI website or by personally visiting the enrollment center. Upon reaching the center, you have to fill out an application form and it should be handed over to the concerned person with necessary supporting documents including proof of address and proof of identity.

Apply New Aadhar Card Online

After verifying the application and certificates submitted, you will be asked to submit the biometric data including your fingerprints and iris. A photograph will also be taken and once these procedures are over, you can go back home after collecting the acknowledge slip containing an enrollment identification (EID) number. This is a 14 digit number that allows you to keep track of the application status.

You have to wait a period around 90 days to get the hard copy of your aadhar card to arrive by post. If you want aadhar card urgently, you can download it from the official website of UIDAI after a few days of submitting the application. The status should be checked using the EID number and if aadhar card is generated, you can download and print it. It has the same authenticity as that of the hard copy being sent to your home.

Online Aadhaar Services

Documents needed to apply for aadhar card

Generally speaking, you need to produce three types of documents along with the application form and they include proof identity, proof of address and proof of date of birth. The most common proof of identity documents includes ration card, voters ID, pan card, passport, driving license, bank passbook with photo, army/government ID proof or any government issued ID card. The most common proof address documents are voter ID, ration card, pan card, passport, driving license, bank passbook with photo and any other government-issued ID card. For proof of date of birth, you can submit date of birth certificate, passport or school leaving certificate.

Procedure for applying aadhar card online

For applying offline, the procedure is the same. You should visit a nearby licensed aadhar enrolment center and all the relevant documents including the filled application form, proof identity, proof of address and proof of date of birth must be submitted. The biometric and biometric data will also be gathered to complete the application procedure and you will be handed over an acknowledgment receipt for future reference.

The most important thing you need to bear in mind is that the details you submit while applying for an aadhar card must be correct and updated. False information leads to several complications. Since you have to link aadhar card with other documents, any mistake would delay the linking process and you will be forced to make the necessary changes in the aadhar card online or offline.

Check Aadhar Card Status

Aadhar card status check online using aadhar Enrolment ID and Name and aadhar number, Aadhar update status check online with aadhar number.

In India Aadhar card is the main identity document for Indians and also offers the maximum benefits to people that using single identity. Indians can apply for aadhar card through enrolment centers. After submitting the application form you can easily check the aadhar card status through the online portal

Check your aadhar status through enrolment ID:

After submitting the application form at enrollment centers, don’t forget to collect the acknowledgment slip. Why because that slip contains the enrolment identification number.

This enrollment number is used to track your aadhar card status. Go to the UIDAI official website and click on the “Check aadhar card status”

You will redirect to the page that must furnish the enrolment ID, date and time of application and security code. Then click on the “Click Status” button

Then you will allow checking whether your aadhar card is generated or not. If in case your aadhar card is generated then you can download that easily

Online Aadhaar Services

check aadhar card status by name, mobile number and SMS:

If have you lost your enrollment identification number to check your aadhar status online. Don’t worry you can easily retrieve Aadhar number and enrollment number.

Click on the “Retrieve Lost EID/UID” button and then select the UID/EID category and enter the full name, email id, mobile number etc and click on send OTP button. Then enter that received OTP click on “Verify OTP”. After successful verification, you will get SMS with Aadhar number or enrollment number


If you want to check your status using SMS only then send the SMS as a below-mentioned format:

Type UID status 14 digit enrollment number and send to 51969

Now you will receive an SMS of your present status of aadhar card

Know your aadhar card correction status online:

Normally in urgent people makes the mistakes of submitting wrong details while for aadhar card. You can easily correct the mistakes like spelling mistakes, address change at enrolment center and through online aadhar self-service update portal.

Go to UIDAI official portal and click on the “Check Status – Update has done Online” option present under Aadhar update. Then enter your aadhar number, URN, SRN and captcha code. And then click on the “Get status” button.

If you have done the update at the enrolment center then you have to click on a link “Check status – Update done at enrolment center”.

Download Aadhar Card Without Aadhar Number

Aadhar card download online with name and date of birth. Download duplicate aadhar card without using aadhar number.

To download aadhar card without aadhar number, Several people may find this question as an embarrassing one. Here you can find the process to download aadhar card by using aadhar number and without aadhar number. The UIDAI website offers different options for people to download aadhar online. Downloading without aadhar is not a big task at all.

You can download your duplicate aadhar card by using below mentioned 3 numbers

  • Enrollment number
  • Aadhar Virtual ID number
  • Aadhar number

This Aadhar Virtual ID number is recently introduced by the UIDAI. You can use the number to download aadhar card.

What is enrollment number?

At the time of aadhar card application submission form, this Enrollment number will be generated. That number is mentioned on the given acknowledgment receipt

You can use this enrollment number to download aadhar card by using name and date of birth.

About Virtual ID (VID):

This VID is temporary revocable 16 digits random number that mapped with the aadhar number. This VID will allow authenticating transactions also KYC services instead of providing your aadhar number

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What is TOTP?

The virtual aadhar card allows you to make changes in your profile through TOTP. This TOTP means “Time based one-time password”. This number contains an 8 digit long numeric string

Download Aadhar card without aadhar number:

You don’t know your aadhar number or Enrolment number, no need to worry. You can easily get your UID/EID numbers. Why late follow the mentioned steps

Go to the UIDAI official website and click on the “Retrieve lost UID/EID” option. Then you will redirect to another page.

Here first select the option that you want to retrieve like UID or EID. And next enter your personal details like name, email id, mobile number, captcha code etc

And click on Send OTP button. Then you will receive an OTP to the mobile number. Enter that received OTP and click on “Verify OTP button”

Completion of verification process, you will receive your Aadhar number/Enrolment number. Then follow the above mentioned steps (With aadhar number) to download aadhar card easily

Link Aadhar Card Online

Link Your Aadhar Card with Mobile Number, Pan Card, Bank Accounts and LPG Services


The Central Government of India has made it mandatory for people to link their aadhar card with different types of documents. N order to avail the advantages of various schemes, aadhar card is a necessary thing today and the government has asked the citizens to link it with other financial documents to detect fraudulent activities. How to link your aadhar card with a mobile number, pan card, bank account and LPG?

Linking aadhar card with a mobile number


If you don’t link aadhar with a mobile number within the stipulated date specified by the government, your mobile account will become inactive. Online and offline methods can use for the linking process. There are several ways available to link aadhar and mobile connection. If you choose the OTP method, you have to visit the online portal of the telecom subscriber. When you enter the mobile number, you will receive an OTP and it should be entered and submitted for further action.

After receiving a consent message on the screen, you need to type the aadhar number. Then, the telecom company requests UIDAI for an OTP generation and you will get a consent message from the UIDAI. When you accept the terms and conditions and submit the OTP, you will get a consent message about aadhar number and mobile number re-verification.


Another method available for linking is to visit the store of your telecom operator and upon submitting the phone number and aadhar number, an OTP will be sent to your phone. You have to hand over this OTP and biometrics data to the store executive. Within 24 hours, you will get an SMS and for completing the KYC process, you need to reply with “Y”. You can also approach the agent to link your mobile number and IVR system can also be used to link aadhar card.

How to link aadhar card with pan card?


If you want to pay taxes, you should link aadhar card with pan card. The CDBT has made it mandatory for all taxpayers and without linking, they won’t be able to pay taxes. You can visit income tax E-filing portal to link aadhar with pan and you just need to furnish pan number, aadhar number, name as per aadhar and Captcha code before submitting the ‘Link Aadhar’ Button.

Linking aadhar with a bank account

link Mobile Number Pan Card Bank Accounts

According to the guidelines of the Central Government, it is mandatory to link aadhaar with a bank account. This procedure makes people eligible for receiving the benefits involved with various government schemes into their bank account directly. Two ways are there to link your aadhar card with a bank account and they include online and offline.  In other words, you can use internet banking and a personal visit to branch can also be done to link aadhar with a bank account.

How to link pan card with LPG?

If you don’t link aadhar card with LPG connection, you will not become eligible for a gas subsidy. First of all, you need to link aadhar with the bank and then with LPG connection to receive the subsidy amount in the bank account. For linking aadhar with LPG connection, one method available is submitting an application to your distributor and you can also link by giving a call to the call center. IVRS method can also be used to link aadhar with LPG connection.

Aadhar Card Correction

Update Aadhar card Name, Date of birth and Address Online. Aadhar card correction – Change your aadhar card address and details online

Several people still don’t know how to correct or update their name, address, date of birth, mobile number and other related details. The corrections can be made in the official website of UIDAI and the details can be filled in English or other regional languages. In order to access the online services for correction, you should have a registered mobile number. The correction procedure can be done in three ways and they include online, offline and by post as well.

Change the name in aadhar card

For name correction in aadhar card, you must visit the official site of UIDAI. The next step is to click on the ‘Address update request online’ and it takes you to aadhar self-service portal. You have to enter your aadhar number in the field provided along with the registered mobile number and OTP received will have to be entered into the verification process. Once it is done, you need to select the regional language and then, you can see an application form where you must type your name without adding Mr. or Mrs. The relevant supporting documents should be uploaded as proof and then, an aadhar card update request number will be generated. Using this number, the status of correction can be checked later.

Change the date of birth in aadhar card data

After visiting the Aadhar self-service portal, you can follow the same procedure as that of changing the name. Once the OTP verification is completed, you need to choose a birth date and then, click on the “Next’ button. The date of birth must be entered in DD/MM/YYYY format and the required supporting documents as proof of identity should also be uploaded. You will receive an aadhar card update request number for checking the correction status.

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Aadhar card address correction

For address correction, the procedure is the same as that of changing name or date of birth.  The only difference is that you have to choose ‘Address’ instead of name or date of birth after the OTP verification.  Then, ‘Submit’ button should be entered and the new address has to be entered in the application form. When you upload the required documents for address proof, you will get the aadhar card update request number for future reference.

Aadhar car correction offline, name, address, phone and date of birth

IN order to make the correction, you need to visit the nearest aadhar card enrolment service center. All these necessary details that you want to correct should be entered in the aadhar card update form that can be availed in the enrolment center. Relevant supporting materials as proof of identity and proof of address must be attached as well. When you submit these details, you will receive an acknowledgment number.

You can also make the aadhar card correction by post. After collecting an update application form, the necessary details need to be filled in the application form and the required documents including address of proof and address of identity must be attached. The subject name on the envelope has to be ‘Aadhar correction form’ and it should be sent to the UIDAI address.

Download Aadhar Card Online

Download aadhar card online with name, date birth, and aadhar card enrollment number download aadhar card by aadhar number online

Download Aadhar Card OnlineDownload Aadhar card by name and date of birth easily through the below-mentioned process. We already know that Aadhar number is recognized government-issued document for all Indians. Now Indian Government passed rule i.e., linking aadhar card is mandatory to LPG service, PAN card, mobile number, bank accounts etc.

Here below are the 2 options to download aadhar card online

  • Download Aadhar card by using name and date of birth
  • Download Aadhar Card Using Aadhar number

Download Aadhar Using Name

Download Aadhar card by using name and date of birth

First Retrieve your UID number or EID number by using aadhar name

Visit the UIDAI official website and select the “Retrieve Lost UID/EID” option which is present under Aadhar enrolment. Next, select the UID/EID anyone checkbox which number you need to retrieve lost. Next enter your personal details like Full name of the applicant, email ID, mobile number and captcha code and then click on the “Generate OTP” button

After sending the generated OTP to a mobile number. Enter that received OTP at the required field and click on Verify OTP button. After successful verification, you will receive an Aadhar number/enrollment number SMS to your registered mobile number

Online Aadhaar Services

Download Aadhar card by using name and date of birth:

Then again go to the home of the uidai official website and click on download aadhar option present under aadhar enrollment. You will redirect to another page here enter your Aadhar number/enrollment number/VID number of aadhar. And then enter some mandatory details like name of applicant, pin code, captcha code and click on the “Request OTP”

Now you will receive your one-time password to the registered mobile number. Then enter that number and click on “Download Aadhar” option. After clicking aadhar download button your computer saved a pdf file of aadhar. This PDF will have the username and password to open

Note: The password of the PDF file will be pin code of your area

By using the above mentioned process you can download your aadhar card soft copy in PDF file format easily.

Download Aadhar Card Using Aadhar number:

Visit the UIDAI official website and click on “Download Aadhar” option present under Aadhar enrolment online services

You will redirect to aadhar download page or else directly click on this link  Here you can download aadhar card by using Aadhar number, VID number and enrollment number . Next select any one option form Aadhar, VID and Enrolment ID by using radio button. After that enter the related number that you selected in the above step like aadhar etc. Also fill mandatory details like full name, pin code, captcha code etc

If you have the TOTP option then click on “yes I have TOTP. Don’t send me OTP” check box. Or else Click on “Request OTP” option. OTP (One time password) or TOTP will receive your aadhar mobile number at the time of registration. Enter that received OTP and click on download aadhar button.